Dua for Getting a Child

Dua for Getting a Child

Dua for Getting a Child

Dua for Getting a Child –  Everyone say that child is a gift of god. Yes this is true that child is gift of god. A child is blessing of god. After marriage every person want a child or two child. Some couples want twins. But this is all in god’s hand. What he do to you. Because anything you do after marriage if in your destiny child birth doesn’t written you do nothing. So that you have to need dua for getting child birth with his or her full health.

This dua is helpful for those who has not any child or child died after birth. Also helpful for those who has not boy child and want a child after marriage. They want god’s blessing in their family. We all knows child is a messenger of god or we can say child is a creature of god. All those who has child is with blessing of god’s.


Dua to Get Pregnant with a Boy-  In our daily life we saw that some couples doesn’t has any child due to some problem or some internal reason either of them. After some years they lose hope that in their life they can bless with child or not. This is simple dua for this type of couples.

In the other leg of this situation some couple doesn’t has boy child. They already have one or two girls and want a boy. This dua can be done by both person either male or female. Apart from this it is also helpful for who want twins baby boy. If you are female and you are pregnant you can contact with maulana ji and can understand how this thing possible. How allah give you twins baby boy or child or one boy.

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